Lunch menu for Wednesday, December 01

regular large
Cream of pumpkin soup G L 3,80 4,50
Viennese beef soup with vegetables, pasta and horseradish L C A F O 8,90

Green salad with goat cheese, walnuts and pumpkin seed oil C G M O 9,80
Green Salad with avocado, warm potatoes, pumpkinseed oil C M H O F 9,80
Green salad with fried potatoes, bacon and pumpkin seed oil C M O 9,80
Green salad with smoked wels catfish and horseradish O 10,80

Ravioli filled with mushrooms (fungi porcini) and parmesan C A G 9,80
Breaded chicken served with poetatoe- and green salad A C G M O 10,80
Neck of pork, cabbage salad and bread dumpling A C G M L 11,80
Brisket of beef with Brussel sprouts, fried grated potatoes, apple-horseradish and chive sauce C G L O 15,80
Viennese Schnitzel (veal) with potato mayonnaise and green salad C A O M 19,80

Mousse au chocolat cake C G F 4,50
Chestnut cream with cranberries and whipped cream G 5,50
Cheese dumplings with compote and buttered breadcrumbs with cinnamon C A G 7,00