Speisekarte vom Tuesday, May 30

regular large
consommé with crêpe slivers A C G L 4,50 5,90
Noodle soup A L 4,50 5,90

Green salad with goat cheese, beans, walnuts G M O C 10,80
Green and potato salad with breaded chicken C A L M O 10,80
Green salad with smoked salmon and horseradish C M O 9,80

Organic beetroot noodles with walnut and cheese A G C 13,80
Breaded chicken served with poetatoe- and green salad A C G M O 12,80
Viennese Schnitzel (porc) with parsley potatoes A C G 13,80
Stuffed eggplant (organic veal,lamb)tomatoe organic bulgur G L 13,80
Boiled filet of beef(organic) with creamy turnip cabbage, shredded potatoes, two dips C G L F O 18,80
Hering in cream sauce with boilled potatoes G O 12,80

Mousse au chocolat cake C G F 5,00
Chestnut cream with cranberries and whipped cream G 6,00
Sweet cheese dumpling with breadcrumbs and sour cherry compote C A G 8,00